Art of Combat

Fight Choreography & Tactical Training


Art of Combat

It’s the journey that shapes and defines us… not the destination.

Welcome to “Art of Combat”.  What I share with you on this site is an evolution of how I define myself.  Art of Combat offers three core functions… “Fight Choreography”; “Stunt/Fight Performance”; “Tactical Combat Training”.

I am a filmmaker… beyond the camera, how I define myself is through my training.  The Art of Combat for me is something pure and deeply rooted in my being.  I take what I do both on the screen and in real life very seriously.  I see artistic beauty in the fight.  I respect the lethality of its design.  I have the ability to transfer the raw power and rage of true combat onto the screen, and for those I train… I offer something even greater.



Film Combat

Fight Choreography
Stunt Performance
Weapons Combat

Making it Belong

I design the fight and train the talent/stunt-actors to perform intense and believable fights based on their character and to match the style and mood of the film. The fights can be “dance-like (Matrix style)”, “stylized (300 style)”, or “gritty and raw (Bourne Identity)”.

Extreme Cinema

Extreme Sports
Performance Editing
Visual FX

Pushing Performance

Our cinematographers live for adrenaline, as we all come from active lifestyles and enjoy extreme conditions. Where others stay locked behind a tripod… we take our cameras to extreme locations, and push the limits. Water Skiing? Motor Sports? Skydiving? Underwater? Mountain Skiing? Bring it on!!


Artistic Styles

Filmmaking is an art form…
The Fight must belong to the scene.

Combat styles in film take on many forms, from “dance-like routines” to “raw and down right bloody carnage”.

When I create a fight for a scene, I match it to both the film and the actors.  There is subtext within a fight, and how a person moves, what weapons (if any) or how they utilize their environment all rely on telling the story of this character and enhancing the story.  I give a personality to each technique and a purpose to every attack or defense.  The style of film and personality and physical talents of the character control the type of fight I develop.



Extreme Cinematics
Tactical Training

Stunt Actor

Art of Combat is a Division of Nathan Grey Cinematics




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