Art of Combat

Fight Choreography & Tactical Training

Art of Extreme
The Rush of Adrenaline

Some cinematographers stay safe behind a tripod… We hate Tripods.

Life was meant to be lived! Art of Combat offers one specific service beyond training, performing, and choreography… and that is we know how to film extreme lifestyles.

We take our cameras in the water, underwater, in the sky, in the mountains, and even into caves and over the cliffs. Our team is composed of cinematographers who have lived on the edge their whole lives. We know what the rush of life feels like at crazy speeds and numbing heights. We love it. How fast can you move??? We’ll be there along the way capturing the rush.



Thomas Schmidt II

Barefoot World Record
You know those crazy people who jump in the water and go skiing, even if it’s snowing outside??? Thomas is one of them. He lives his life on the water and holds a world record with his team to prove it.

Nathan Grey

If you haven’t realized it… Martial arts is a major part of my life, but there’s more to life than combat. I live to ski in the mountains, explore caves, dive, and what good is a plane, if you can’t jump out of it???



Being able to literally “run-n-gun” is a fundamental skill in Extreme Sports Cinematography.

We took our tripods and beat them to $h17 with baseball bats and tire irons. For those people who live their lives in motion, we’ve trained ourselves to fly or dive right along your side and move our cameras with you. We undergo steadicam training, drone training, segway training, and underwater training to give us the edge in filming those who live their lives to the extreme.

These are some bold statements, yet we’re working on the footage to back them up. While keeping safety in mind not only for ourselves and our gear, we make sure we don’t interrupt your rush of adrenaline, and we find a way to put our cameras in the places they need to be.

While Extreme Sports may not be “Combat” related, the idea of extreme cinematography is how we fight against boring and stale footage. This is why we market this style of elite cinematography here on this site. Our ability to create cinematic chaos and high impact footage is what sets us at a professional standard. We love the rush of life, and we film it at high speed. We’re not just talking about FPS, but we’ve got you covered there too, with high speed filming, and 4K coming soon!


Explosive Editing

Every Cut Makes an Impact

Bad editing is like watching a foreign film with lousy voice-over work in English. Nothing matches, nothing belongs, and it’s more distracting than beneficial. We live in a world where virtually everyone has cameras, and some form of photo and video editing software, that certainly doesn’t make them a professional.

For us, editing a film, especially when it comes to fight scenes or extreme footage, is very much like editing for a theatrical trailer. You know how it goes… these days, the trailers are usually the BEST part of a film. They get our heart pounding and imaginations running. Knowing how to use the editing software is one thing… knowing how to create heart stopping edits for that intense impact is another. We pride ourselves on that creative artistry of extreme editing. We know the music, the sounds, the visuals, and the cuts all have to create of symphony of cinematic chaos.



Land, Water, Air
Bring It On!!!

Extreme Cinematography requires the ability to safely mount, suspend, or submerge cameras in locations only the extreme dare to dance.

While our bodies can heal and recover from a long strenuous day of filming and abuse… the same is not to be said for our cameras, lenses, and equipment. We’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars into professional studio grade equipment… we’re not going to risk damaging our gear, or compromising the safety of our crew and talent.

We take every step possible to secure our cameras and ensure they stay secured and weather/water proof if needed. Safety on the set is our highest priority equalled only by our desire to create cinematic visuals at professional levels. From Drones, to Underwater Casings, to Steadicams and 3-Axis gimbals, our crew and equipment are fully qualified to safely and precisely control and move our cameras in places most cinematographers won’t dare to go.



Sweat Dries…
Blood Clots…
Bones Heal…

Suck It Up Princess.



Live a Life Worth Capturing

Live Your Life… Let us film it for you.



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