Art of Combat

Fight Choreography & Tactical Training

Art of Combat

Fight Choreography & Training

Nathan Grey

872 SW Federal Hwy, Stuart, Florida
Currently inside “Results Fitness”


Art of Combat - Nathan Grey


Nathan Grey

Fight Choreographer/Stunt Actor/Trainer

I am available to work on projects when I am not involved in my own.  I take my roles seriously and I don’t over-book myself, as this only poorly affects the quality and quantity of time I’m able to get involved.

Whether or not you utilize my services, always bring a professional fight choreographer or stunt coordinator to your set.  If you don’t take the safety of your crew and talent seriously, you’ll quickly lose their respect and any credibility as a filmmaker.  A great stunt actor makes your talent look better, and having a great coordinator/choreographer brings your production to a whole new level.

Stunt actors specialize in different areas, they are not all the same.  Be respectful for their safety, and trust their judgement… they’re the ones literally sticking their necks out for your production.

If you are seeking actual training, then you have to be fortunate enough to live where I live (which is currently Jensen Beach, FL). I train others out of Results Fitness in Stuart.




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