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Stuart Florida
Martial Arts Studio

What I do now… I do for myself.
If you are truly seeking freedom, I will train you to discover your way.

A lifetime ago, I threw away my uniforms, trophies, titles, and worthless Black Belts. I’ve never looked back with any regret since freeing myself from the restrictions and limitations of style, title, rank, and above all.. ego.

I often use the analogy of comparing martial artists to musicians. Some people read the notes… others feel the music. If you place a piano in room, and have a dozen different pianists sit down and begin to play, you will hear a dozen different styles of music, all from the very same instrument. It’s so easy to know when the music being played comes from passion and emotion, vs notes on a page. So you must ask yourself when it comes to your training, “Who’s music have you been playing?” “Yours… or someone else’s?”

To restrict anyone to a single method created by someone who blindly followed another persons style, is to have the blind leading the blind. Martial Arts is not about restriction or rules, it is about freedom and expression. There is a foundation which exists, as to how our bodies move and minds think, beyond the foundation of physics is the freedom of martial arts you’ll learn to discover… Only if you’re ready to free yourself from style, title, rank, and ego.


Stuart Florida

Results Fitness

872 SW US1, Stuart, FL
Classes are limited in size to maintain quality. I teach due to an un-yielding passion to train, not to earn a living financially by having loads of students. Anyone who occupies a space in class, must bring passion, motivation, and dedication, or they will be shown to the door. I share my time only with those who share my passion.

Practical Combat

Youth & Teens
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What to Expect

Currently the youngest students I accept are 12. Beyond age, I require my students to have the discipline to listen, learn, and apply themselves. Facebook and Video Games can wait… when you’re here with me, you’re here to train. I have little to no tolerance for laziness and excuses, and I’m not a babysitting service. Here you’ll develop character and discipline, and respect for what you learn. The ability to fight doesn’t give you the right to hurt anyone. What I teach you is for fitness, self-defense, and focus. I am not your friend, I am your trainer. With that comes intense workouts, dynamic classes, physically demanding effort, and mental concentration.


No Style
Only Self-Discovery

You must let go of style and free yourself from the limitations it places on your ability to fight.

I dedicated over 20 years of my life to training and teaching martial arts, and this used to be how I earned a living. I had a beautiful 3,200 sqft studio, a fully equipped gym, and over 120 memberships. I had to have enough to pay the bills and earn a living. Those days are behind me now, as I make my living through cinematography and photography for films. However, my passion for training and love of training with those who share this passion has never left me. Without it, I feel empty. I now have the luxury to be selective of whom I train and share my time with. My time is the most valuable commodity I have… I can never regain it once it’s gone. So I strive to make the time we share together as mutually beneficial as possible.

I am not in competition with other “martial arts studios”. I don’t care how many students they have, how much money they extort, or how many trophies or titles they’ve paid for. I care even less about who taught them or what style they teach. I’m not here to speak against them. I’m sure they’re good people who believe and enjoy what they do, and they have many students who love them. I wish them all the best.

I walked the path of a “multi-ranking black belt” for many years, and it always felt empty and pointless. When I crossed paths by fate with those who opened my eyes to the true beauty and freedom of martial arts, there was no going back. Being a filmmaker, I relate my training in many ways to “Neo, from the Matrix”, and being free. My eyes are open and they can never be closed.

In so many instances, I have been told by those who train with me, that this is what they have been seeking their entire lives. It is because what I teach, is for you to discover your way. The foundation is the same, but the expression is unique. Those who find emptiness or no value in their training, and those who are searching for more, they will know when they find me. It is like stepping out into the wilderness night sky, miles away from the city lights, and seeing a universe of stars brighter than you’ve ever experienced. The stars were always there, but we could not see past the pollution of city lights.


Outdoor Training

The World and Elements are Our Arena.

While we all grow accustomed to training indoors, in a safe, secure, and private area, with all the luxuries of air conditioning, smooth flooring, and open spaces… Real life arenas are never quite so forgiving or accommodating.

Survival is about adaptation. Traditional martial artists grow dependent on point sparring in open spaces and playing pretend self-defense while their partner allows them to perform a dozen and one techniques they rehearsed and memorized. The MMA fighter is convinced all fights end on the ground, and that while he holds his opponent in a choke hold on the floor of the bar, no one will decide to take a beer bottle to his bead to get him off his friend.

The world of martial arts is a lie. There is no ultimate style, there is no perfect defense, there is no unstoppable technique, there is no perfect situation. If someone claims they know exactly what they’ll do if someone throws a punch, it’s likely they’re an idiot or a liar. There is no way of knowing exactly what you’ll encounter or what will be the most optimal solution to the conflict. There is only the ability to adapt, respond, react, and overcome. If you can’t adapt, then your style is worthless.

This is why I often take training outdoors. To throw the elements against us. To train on uneven ground, with the sun and heat and wind or rain against us. Are you a TKD guy in a confined space without the room to do a spinning head kick? Are you an MMA grappler holding one man in a headlock while dealing with multiple opponents? Are you a Black Belt who thinks your memorized form will condition you for a real fight? Well, Tough Shit. The world doesn’t care about your style requirements or your rules.





Tactical Knife & Stick

I spent my youth and early years of martial arts playing with Sais, Nunchucks, Tonfas, Bos, and Swords. I pretended to know how to fight with them because I memorized dozens and dozens of forms. I can perform fast twirls and spins, toss a weapon in the air and catch it. I know now, that was all a dance, a curtain of illusion to sell the idea of being able to fight.

However there are two melee weapons beyond my own body I still enjoy working with. They are in our world, practical and present in society in some form or another. These are the Knife and the Stick.

Developing a tactical knowledge with knives and sticks only enhances ones ability to strike, maneuver, redirect, and adapt. An opponent using a broken beer bottle is no different than one wielding a knife or stick. As I develop your ability to utilize these weapons, you’ll better understand how to fight against them. You’ll develop the ability to effortlessly blend the three tactics of stick, knife, and open hand combat, largely due to the fact they all feed off each other and seamlessly flow together.


Martial Arts
A Way of Life

This is not a sport, nor is it a hobby. It is in my blood and defines who I am.

You’ll find no trophies on my walls, no belts or certificates on display… you’ll only find me, training into the long hours of the night, feeling alive and doing what my heart calls me to do. Martial Arts training is one of the very few times I feel complete in this world. When I’m training, I feel like I’m doing what I was created to do.

I feel like slapping people in the face when they call it a sport. For some yes, it’s competition to be the best looking peacock in the room, or a title they flaunt to the world. For me, it’s internal. It’s a beast clawing and biting to escape its cage and run free into the night. It’s beautiful, it’s lethal, it’s a pure level of expression, it calms me, it invigorates me, it fulfills my needs. In my darkest days, I found myself alone in my studio, training, training, training to the point I could barely stand or raise my arms. As I fell to the ground in exhaustion, I felt peace. If you don’t understand this, then you don’t deserve my time as your trainer.

I’ve tried several times throughout my life to walk away from teaching… but the call of the wild is in my DNA as it is for any wild animal. I teach not because I have to, not because it is my job. This is no longer my career, it is purely my passion. So I do not have to be polite, I do not have to be politically correct, or accommodating. Whether you have years of training and feel (as I did) something always was missing, or you are stepping into the arena for the first time… I ask one thing of you only… give your all or walk away.

The men who trained me… they called me the Phoenix and the Bear. I was not even the strongest or most skilled of them, but what I brought was a fire that could not be extinguished. I stood back on my feet every time they knocked me on my ass, and I begged for more. A Bear cannot be tamed or broken. It can only be what it is what born to be… a Bear. I don’t rest on their accomplishments, or hold myself to their skill level, I only validate the quality of training I received, and the standard I set for myself.



Sparring is a must

There are no memorized forms here. No preset combinations your partner allows you to perform while they pretend to attack you.

Sparring is the ultimate level of training. While there is a presence of danger, this is still a controlled event to a point. Yes, you will get hit, winded, bruised both physically and mentally, but you will learn to apply. The method of training I offer prepares the dedicated mind for optimal sparring talent. This is the opportunity to test your metal, but not cripple yourself or your training partner in the process.


No Rank
No Style
No Title

Art of Combat is not for everyone, but if you are seeking, then I will share my time with you.

The concept of letting go of style, rank, and title can be difficult let alone impossible for some people. Even more difficult to let go of is ego. I’m forever told by people what degree of black belt they are, they’re a master of this and that, Bruce Lee’s fathers brothers cousins nephew was his former roommate… all of that means absolutely nothing. People who claim to be great fighters because of their instructors reputation, just hurt my brain. We’ve all heard about Bruce Lee… how many of his students have we heard about??? I’m certain many of them live their lives reminding others he was their instructor, or that they once got punched in the face by him, but that certainly doesn’t make them a talented fighter, let alone anyone who knows the first thing about combat.

When someone is willing to let go, and truly open their eyes and mind, they will begin to discover things they never could conceive before. It’s like speaking a language, the language of martial arts. Language has expression, emotion, power, adaptability, and flows fluently in a conversation. We don’t plan our words, they just flow, effortlessly without thought. The art of combat has be like the music we feel, and the language we speak. It comes from within. It belongs to you, and you make it your own. Don’t be like the sheep and blindly follow the herd.




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